“Centro Kubas – Angel”- a small and homey hotel located in the heart of the Old Town, near the Rotuses Square. It was set up in 01131 on Stikliu Street, once famous for the first manual factory. The very convenient location of the hotel makes the most eminent
places-Rotuse, the Cathedral, the Hill of Three Crosses, Gediminas Castle and a lot of museums – be reached within a walking distance. The present day Old Town, included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List, perfectly harmonizes with the features of the contemporary life-style. The heart of the town beats right here-there are a lot of financial centres, Presidential Palace and Ministries, posh shops, the best restaurants and the most entertaining pubs. A great number of visitors and locals are attracted by the snug and romantic Old Town, where the mysterious history merges with the hustle of the modern life. A distance of 10 km separates “Centro Kubas – Angel” hotel from the International Vilnius Airport and it is only 1 km to the centr al bus and train station.

“Centro Kubas – Angel” hotel is harmoniously combined with the historical context of the town and extends the traditions of Lithuanian past. Our guests will find a lot of restored antique Lithuanian domestic appliances which add to the cosy and peculiar atmosphere. These ancient items make us imagine authentic Lithuanian countryside. In the court yard our guests are met by the welcoming ancient symbol – a wind mill. It brings alive a mysterious legend about the warmth and hospitality of Lithuanian millers. The story goes that every tired and hungry man coming to the miller’s house would leave it only after having a hearty meal and a good rest. The philosophy of our hotel is the same – to meet and greet our guests with friendliness, hospitality and warmth. From the first step to”‘Centro Kubas” you will be surrounded with attention, comfort, peace and quiet. We strongly believe that the best advertisers of our hotel are the satisfied clients who will return or recommend it to their friends.