The places of interest you can reach in 5 minutes:

Town Hall – First mentioned in 1503. Today it is the Artists’ Palace where you can see gallery art. (Didzioji str. 31);
Presidential Palace – Daukanto sq. 31;
Vilnius University – The oldest university in Eastern Europe (founded in 1579), encompasses practically every major architectural style from the last 400 years. The university buildings are among the best preserved in Vilnius. There are 12 nice court yards. (Universiteto str. 3);
Higher Castle Museum (Gediminas Tower) – The place where the history of Vilnius started. The upper castle ruins provide an observation terrace. (Arsenalo str 5);
Cathedral – Founded on ancient pagan grounds dedicated to Perkunas, the god of thunder. The original church was built by Mindaugas the Great, the first Lithuanian King to convert to Christianity. (Katedros str. 1);
Gates of Dawn – Inside the chapel of the gates there is the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of Mercy. It is believed to have miraculous powers. (Ausros Vartu str. 12);
St. Anne’s Church – 33 varieties of bricks were used for the exterior of the most striking late Gothic structure in Lithuania. Though the original interior was changed due to fires it still captures curious visitors. According to legend Napoleon Bonaparte was so enraptured by St Anne’s that he wanted to bring this church back to France in the palm of his hand. (Maironio str. 8).

Museums, theatres, cultural centres:

Rotuses aiksteVilnius Defence Wall Bastion – Was built in the 17th century to protect Vilnius against the Swedes and Russians. In the building the museum of armoury was opened in 1987 (Boksto str. 18);
Lithuanian National Museum – The museum contains an extensive archaeological, ethnographic and historic collection of exhibits. Some are dated back to the 13th century. (Arsenalo str. 1);
Contemporary Art Centre – Here the works of the most famous Lithuanian and foreign artists are exhibited. (Vokieciu str. 2,;
French Cultural Centre – Didzioji str. 1,;
National Philharmonic – Aušros vartu str. 5,;
Youth Theatre – One of the most famous theatres in Vilnius. (Arkliu str. 5).


„La Provence“ – Excellent Sea goods restaurant. (Vokieciu str. 22);
„Markus ir Co“ – Delicious steaks and other meat dishes. (Antokolskio str. 11);
“Lokys” – The Hunters’ restaurant. (Stikliu str. 8/10);
“Čili Kaimas” – restaurant with delicious lithuanian food. (Vokieciu str. 8);
„Žemaiciu smukle“ – Lithuanian national cuisine. (Vokieciu str. 24);
„Stikliu Bociai“ – Probably the best Lithuanian food restaurant. (Sv.Ignoto str 4/3);
„St.Valentino“ – Good Italian cuisine. (Vilniaus str 47/18).
And much more…………..

Katedros aikstePubs and Night Clubs:

„The Pub“ – Always great time in the English Style bar-restaurant. (Dominikonu str. 9);
„Brodvejus“ – A lively place with live music concerts every night of the week. (Mesiniu str. 4);
„Jazz & Rock caffe“ – Live music, splendid atmosphere. Great place! (Sv.Mikolojaus str. 5);
“Pabo Latino” – Latin American bar-club of coctails, Traku str. 3,;
“Villa Latina” – small and very cosy club in the heart of the city, Didzioji str. 28,

Other information:

Tourist Information Centre – Vilniaus str. 22;
Currency Exchange – Didzioji g. 18/2;
Antique shop “Maldis” – Basanaviciaus str. 4a;
Bookshop “Akademine Knyga” – Univeristeto str. 4;
Public Internet Access “Collegium” – Pilies str 22;